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Designation of Origin Cheese mild flavor, creamy soft cheese, produced in Galicia (SPAIN) with pasteurized cow milk. Is presented in pieces of 750 gr.
PRICE PART 750 gr.: 5,25 € + VAT
SKU: quesos-2
Price:  5,25 €
This product is currently not available.

Is presented in pieces of 750 g. It has a cylindrical shape. Cortex has clean, smooth, waxy and yellowish eyes uniformly distributed shear. This is one of the traditional and classic cheese from Galicia (SPAIN), in turn increased production and consumption. There is still a craft production is sold at fairs and markets directly to consumers. The milk is curdled, and heated at 28 ° C - 32 ° C, in the process adding rennet. Maturation, it is in a cool, wet himself from Galicia, for 20 days at least.